Mail order brides are women looking for marriage and settling in the western countries. These women enroll themselves in matrimonial or dating websites and catalogue so that they can find their man. The mail order brides look for men who are successful, nice and who want to have a happy marriage. 

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Dating a Russian mail order bride

Are you looking for your soulmate? In search of a partner who understands you and loves you? Want a beautiful Russian wife? Willing to travel to the other side of the world to meet the woman you love? If your answer is yes, then this Russian Mail order bride website is the place for you to be.

Thousands of Russian Mail order brides log in everyday waiting for the man of their dreams. It is not surprising to see successful marriages through Russian mail bride websites these days. The best part is that you do not even need to spend a lot of money to impress the women you want to marry. There is no need to buy flowers, take her to expensive restaurants or leave your work for her. Yes, these dating sites are not completely risk-free. Thus, you should not believe any and every site you come across. Most of the legitimate sites ask for a reasonable price for their service. They contain promising and genuine reviews from users which help you get a fair idea. People who have used this site have radically transformed their lives for the better.

The Russian mail order bride service is where thousands of Russian women can register online to find a man from overseas. It is very necessary to pick the right type of Russian mail order bride website from various sites available. This is the reason we have prioritized the advantages and disadvantages of these bride sites. This will help you make the correct decision.

Advantages of using Russian mail order bride sites

Some of the major advantages of Russian mail order bride sites are long-term relationships, diverse people and good character traits. They should be fully transparent, cost effective and efficient. Now, let us look at these advantages one by one.

Long-term relationships with Russian brides

The official report of the US Congress states that marriages through mail order sites have lesser divorce rate. It is to be noted that 80% of these marriages have lasted for a long time. The major reason for this is the fact that members are honest with each other. They are focused on a prosperous relationship.

Diverse Russian brides

When you try to find your life partner in a legitimate mail order website, you get more opportunities than usual. You have a number of opportunities to meet different kinds of people from different countries. Unlike in your daily life, you have unlimited opportunities to connect with like-minded Russian women.

Good character of Russian brides

These women are not only hot and stunning, but they are also kind and affectionate. They have high family values and make excellent wives and mothers. They cannot imagine their lives without children as traditional Ukrainian, and Russian women hold family over anything else. One of the primary reasons these Russian women are searching for a man abroad is that they do not find a caring and loving man in their own country. Someone who has family and moral values and is well-educated is the one they look for.

Full Transparency in marriage

These Russian mail order bride websites give you the opportunity to be direct and specific to your goals and intentions from the start. Hence, you are assured to find someone with the same goals and intentions as yours. These legitimate Mail order bride websites prevent scamming, disappointment or misconception and help you find your perfect Russian wife.

Cost-effective and efficient marriage

Saving unnecessary costs is one of the most advantageous things in using a mail order bride website. Meeting a person for a date offline is more expensive than an online one. In addition, you can never know how a first date might turn out! You might even never see each other again. For a fair price, mail order websites allow you to know the Russian woman in advance. And, you even go a step further and marry the person. Higher quality matches at a much lesser price are possible here.

Disadvantages of using Russian mail order bride sites

Now, let us look at some of the major disadvantages of Russian mail order bride websites. You should keep them in mind while checking such websites.

Pay per letter

Legitimate websites do not have women jumping on top of you the minute you log in. It takes time for normal people to initiate, communicate, meet in person and create intimacy. Just like the woman in your own country! In the case of “Pay per letter”, beautiful looking woman pretends to be interested in you. They write messages, for which you have to pay an amount of money for each exchange. It is fake correspondence. Legitimate sites have a membership fee for their features and not a fee for every single usage of a feature. You can chat as much as you want in a legitimate Russian mail order bride website.

Bait and switch to find a beautiful woman

There might be instances where you might find scammers on a legitimate website too. They will talk well to you, “develop feelings” and then might pretend that they have some problem. They might insist you to communicate only through a website where you need to pay. Or, the person might ask for money from you. This is called Bait and Switch. If you are required to pay to continue talking, then understand that it is a fraud!

Russian women in revealing clothes

On certain scam websites, you might find women wearing revealing clothes and posting erotic pictures. This is done so that men can be visually stimulated and be convinced in paying to communicate with that person. Some might even sell their erotic pictures to a PPL website for an amount of money. Most Russian girls on legitimate mail order bride websites have normal pictures of them. You might often see these pictures on their newsfeed or social media too.

Swamped by attention and messages from gorgeous women

On legitimate Russian mail order bride websites, people are hesitant to contact someone right off the bat. It takes time for a legitimate user to gain a good first impression, trust and initiate contact. You are looking for your life partner, after all! Some illegal sites may deploy bots or professional talkers disguised as a beautiful Russian woman to lure you. After which, they milk your money. Being swamped by messages from many gorgeous women should be a warning that you are about to be scammed.

Refund Policy and Terms of use

It is important for a legitimate Russian mail order bride website to have terms of use policy. There should be a refund policy for the money they collect, transparency in payment of commissions for correspondence and third party. You should definitely read what you have signed up for.

Difference between traditional dating and Russian mail order bride dating

In traditional dating, men meet or see a woman whom they like, approach them, and initiate communication. They continue the communication with them and develop feelings. They fall in love, create intimacy and finally marry the love of their lives. But, for how many people is this kind of dating still a fantasy? The answer is – millions! Millions of young men and women from across the world are still single and are searching for their life partners. Mainly, searching for women in developing countries. Women who are looking for men with family value and men who are looking for women with family values are common. Men who are focused on their work and lives have a criteria too. The answer to the problem of these kinds of people could be Russian Mail Order Bride Services!

Mail order bride websites are technically those that have foreign brides looking for life partners. These women are mostly Eastern European, South Asian and North American. These women from developing countries prefer men from developed countries. A typical Russian Mail order bride marriage will happen between a Russian woman and man from the United States, Canada or Australia.

Russian Mail order brides are the perfect kind of wives. They aim to get married and have kids. These women have strong traditional family values and ideals. They believe in the institution of marriage and strengthening the relationships. These brides are ready to relocate to any part of the world for the right person. Moreover, one of the major advantages is that you have the option of interacting and meeting thousands of women worldwide. Over such websites, you get to interact with well-educated women of different age groups looking for courtship. Moreover, if you think you have found your life partner, you can get married in as early as less than a year! And not spend a lot on your wedding either.

Traditional dating might not be the success for anyone and everyone, but that does not mean you are left out!

Statistics on Russian mail order bride:

Over the last few decades, thanks to the advent of the internet, Russian Mail order bride industry has boomed. There has been an increase in the number of men and women preferring this type of dating and marriage. Women in developing countries and men in developed countries usually prefer this type of alliance. Let us look at some of the key statistics on Russian Mail order bride industry.

  • In the current decade, the mail order bride industry has seen a spike of 40% to 50%. The year 2012-13 alone witnessed an increase of 29%.
  • The leading mail order bride websites garner up to 2.6 million visits per month. Wherein, users are logged in for over 360 hours.
  • The number of women looking for courtship through mail order bride websites is north of 100,000 women and increasing! Out of this, 65 % of the women are in the age bracket of 21-30.
  • The percentage of women that successfully convert to marriage and relocate is 10%.
  • There are only eight men for every 10 Russian women. Therefore, it is common for the Russian brides to use the services of the Mail order brides industry.
  • 90% of the Russian brides seeking marriage are well employed and earn up to 52% of the national labor force. But due to their low status in society, they prefer something better than their current situation.
  • Some Mail order bride websites have over 25,000 Russian women applying for their services annually.
  • Around 10,000 mail order marriages occur in America every year.
  • More than $50 million is spent by almost 400 international brokerage agencies to send mail order brides to American men looking for brides.
  • America has only a 20% divorce rate for mail order marriage, which is more than half for their normal marriages.
  • A Mail order bride was compensated with over $400k due to dishonest marketing by the broker.
  • The social gathering events for men to meet women in this business are about 60 men to 1,000 women attending.

How to get a Russian mail order bride

If earlier finding a Russian bride for marriage was impossible without a trip to that country, now the process takes a minimum of time and effort. Every man can get access to thousands of women`s profiles whose goal is to get a loving partner too. It`s possible to start communicating with ladies regardless of the distance and language barriers. How does it work? A man should complete several simple steps to meet a perfect match:

  • Register an account on our website;
  • Fill out the profile details and add a photo to get more attention from ladies;
  • Opt for the premium membership to start socializing and using a wider range of services offered;
  • Interact with Russian women online and decide on his preferences about the best match.

If any of the ladies you communicated with meets your expectations, you can order extra services on the platform and meet her face-to-face in Russia or invite her to your motherland. There are lots of services that contribute to the success of relationships started on the website, including sending flowers and gifts, getting some sort of her personal details, organizing trips, finding accommodation, and using translation services. Therefore, it`s much easier to find a Russian mail order bride in this way.

How much is a Russian mail order bride

There`s no exact price for a mail order bride from Russia since a man doesn`t make a purchase directly. Despite monetary evaluation, he makes an investment into his happy future and decides what for and how much to pay. The average cost of a Russian mail order wife depends on several important factors like:

  • Activeness in socializing online (the more messages you send, the higher monthly expenses are);
  • Your approach to dating (giving flowers, gifts, visiting restaurants, etc.);
  • The presence and number of trips to Russia to meet your match;
  • Organization of her arrival to you;
  • Wedding and documentation for official moving.

Every mail order bride from Russia will have its unique cost that can`t be calculated in advance. However, it`s possible to get an approximate mail order bride cost that usually ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on your own situation.

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