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The Republic of Bulgaria has long been overlooked in several matters. In the love realm, people would look for Russian or Polish brides and fail to notice the Bulgarian ladies. International marriage agencies have helped place the country on the map. It has fun-loving girls. Want to go ice skiing in the winter or have fun in the beaches in summer? Ever wished to party and dance all night? Bulgaria is the ultimate destination for your vacation.

Bulgarian girls beauty and appearance

Bulgarian girls have feminine figures. It’s easy to notice their beauty in a group with the help of the following distinguishable features:

  • They have perfectly plated dark hair and dark romantic eyes
  • They are beautiful with evident Slavic facial features
  • They tend to put on a lot of makeup and bleach their dark hair blonde
  • Bulgarian wives looks and slender figures make them smart. Bulgarian girls for marriage are among the most beautiful women the world has to offer.

Cost of Bulgarian brides

There is no sense to hope only for luck and destiny since every man can purchase a wife from Bulgaria online. However, the price of a Bulgarian mail order bride depends on many factors. The first step to success is online communication on the Russian mail order bride website that costs from $10 to $400 a month. The more actively a man interacts with ladies trying to choose the best one, the higher fees he should be ready to pay for this excitement.

Other possible factors influencing the dating budget are gifts and flowers, offline dates, trips to Bulgaria and back, her relocation, etc. In fact, every single situation involves its own expenses, so keep in mind the following:

  • The bigger distance between her and your country, the more expensive flights you`ll have to pay for – from $200 to $5,000
  • Prices for accommodation, entertainment, meals are reasonable in Bulgaria, so they won`t take much of your budget;
  • Consider if your match plans to move to your country since it`ll increase your expenses.

The total cost of Bulgarian women for marriage is around $10,000 – $15,000, but these limits can move up and down depending on these and other factors to consider.

Things to remember about Bulgarian women dating

Men interested in attracting Bulgarian mail order brides should know a thing about them. Those ladies not only make men turn their heads around but also have several spicy features to make dating extraordinary. There are several things to expect from Bulgarian brides online:

  • Stubbornness and pride: a man should be rather patient and persistent enough to stand his ground by a Bulgarian woman.
  • Religious views: most of the local women want men to respect and share their religion.
  • Obligatory delivery of promises: fulfilling promises is a very important man`s feature for these ladies, so avoid these situations or do everything you say.
  • Love for folklore and traditions: a man should be ready to accept some local rituals, dishes, customs to his new family because locals consider them an integral part of their lives.
  • Difficulty with relocation: ladies may find it challenging to move to another country, but with man`s support and help it won`t be a problem.

Types of Bulgarian brides

Bulgarian brides’ characteristics and lifestyles vary with the regions they come from. The most common types include:

Sofia girls

They come from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. They are party girls. If a night out is the ideal date for you, Sofia babes will do better for you. Treat her to her party in the capital city, and she will be willing to call you for the next date.

Bulgarian gypsy women

Bulgarian gypsy girls behave modestly. They dress provocatively to attract potential husbands. The gypsy culture is widespread in Bulgaria. Even though some gypsy traditions are outdated, men, love Bulgarian gypsy. They preserve their dignity.


Borovets are fun loving. Dancing and skiing are their lifestyles. A vacation in Bulgaria with a Borovets can be the perfect one.

Bulgarian girls characteristics and personalities

Bulgarian wives for marriage posses very attractive personalities. Their charisma and selfness attract suitors from all over the world. Mingle with Bulgarian mail-order bride, and you will notice the following qualities:

Bulgarian girls are humble and educated

Education and cultural values of humble people. Bulgarian girls for marriage are neither proud nor arrogant. Approaching them is not hard. Be polite, and she will listen to you. Majority of them are well educated with a degree or two.

Good housewives and not promiscuous

Marrying an unfaithful wife is a nightmare for every man. Bulgarian wives for marriage do not cheat. They are not lazy. She will do all the house chores willingly. They will respect and take care of your family. They are also good mothers.

Bulgarian women are sensitive and vulnerable

This particular breed of women has a superstition. She will get angry at the slightest provocation. Do not break her trust. Bulgarian women can be quite revengeful.

They are quite emotional

It’s normal and acceptable for a girl to be moody sometimes. It doesn’t mean that beautiful Bulgarian girls are crybabies. They are temperamental. Their moods vary with different situations.

Bulgarian wives for marriage are reliable and independent

They put their best efforts to ensure that they are not a bother to their men. They are hardworking and ensure that they satisfy their families. She will support and defend you at all times.

Bulgarian wives for marriage are submissive and open minded

They welcome new ideas without resistance. She will allow you to make decisions in the family. As long as you provide for her, she will stick with you forever.

Why marry Bulgarian women

Doesn’t everyone want a life companion? People don’t get married due to unrealistic expectations. It’s obscene to think that people marry foreign brides for great sex. We marry knowing that we will meet most of our needs. Marriage is wonderful. There exist several reasons to marry especially where Bulgarian babes are involved. Bulgarian wives for marriage offer commitment which makes affairs happier. The following reasons will make you want to get a Bulgarian mail-order bride for marriage:

  • Bulgarian women are feminine and have a natural charm. They have beautiful and exotic appearances. A charming partner is one of the greatest gifts in marriage. Marrying a Bulgarian wife brings an end to boredom. Their feminine beauty will be the talk of your town!
  • Bulgarian wives for marriage are loyal and devoted. People get married by saying vows. For better for worse is seen in Bulgarian matrimony. They never file for divorces. Ever wondered what would happen in the case of infidelity? She won’t leave you as long as you are remorseful.
  • It’s easy for Bulgarian women to date a foreigner. They understand western culture and traditions well.
  • Communication with Bulgarian singles is easy. Majority of them are proficient English speakers. You don’t need to use phone translation services for effective communication.
  • They love cross-cultural relationships and are ready to please western men. They are willing to relocate with their soulmates to whichever place of his choice.

Physical attraction doesn’t hold marriages together. It takes two people who truly want to be together. A Bulgarian wife is the perfect life partner.

Bulgarian ladies dating culture: Love and marriage

Marriage is a respected institution in Bulgaria. The potential groom is required to meet the Bulgarian brides’ parents to get an approval. Parents opinions on the potential husband are paramount. Their decision determine the direction of the affair.

Bulgarian culture embraces the selling and buying of mail order brides. That’s why the number of mail-order brides on international marriage agencies is very high.

Bulgarian girls are very passionate about love and marriage. They satisfy their partners in bed and offer them moral support.

They have preserved dating traditions. They don’t sleep with suitors until they have gotten married.

Bulgarian Women for Marriage and Foreigners

Bulgarian women welcome foreign dating. They believe that western men are of high class and are civilized. Which girl doesn’t love a gentleman?

Also, poverty rates and harsh economic conditions trigger foreign marriages in Bulgaria. The country hasn’t fully recovered from colonialism. The harsh economic conditions were as a result of social regimes. Therefore, a big population is struggling to make ends meet. Marrying a financially stable man is a shortcut for Bulgarian foreign brides.

Bulgarian babes are open to new life experiences. They want to have better lives with good partners. Foreign men compliment them. Don’t be scared if she is not willing to register the union. They love it.

How to find and meet Bulgarian brides online

Bulgarian brides are available online on the best mail order bride websites. You just need to become a member of an international marriage agency. Before registering, ensure that the mail order bride site offers the following:

  • Has Bulgarian mail order brides
  • Friendly user interface
  • Safeguards customer safety
  • Favorable terms and conditions of service which include affordable pricing
  • Contains many Bulgarian women profiles
  • Contains the best mail order brides’ reviews

Upon registration, create a profile. Remember to include a description of your dream Bulgarian mail-order wife. Upload a good profile photo to attract the Bulgarian girls. Communicate frequently with as many Bulgarian women on the sites as possible.

If you get a perfect match, pay for her and proceed to meet her. They belong to the EU union. Therefore, they don’t need a visa to travel. Hold a blind date and know each other better.

Top mail order bride sites to find Bulgarian wives for marriage

Below are the best Bulgarian mail order bride sites. Sites reviews show that they are; easy to use, simple and efficient, and offer secure services.

Sign up in any of the above top mail order bride sites and link with Bulgarian brides for marriage.

5 secrets for impressing Bulgarian brides

Impressing Bulgarian singles for marriage requires no formula. With the following dating tips, winning the heart and trust of a Bulgarian woman is guaranteed.

  • Do not show off. Most of the local Bulgarian men love showing off. Bulgarian women are tired of this behavior. She wants you to be original and unique. Do not boast about your capabilities.
  • Show genuine interest in her culture. Try knowing some local dance moves and language. Impressing her family and appreciating her culture is an added advantage.
  • Appreciate her makeup and style. Bulgarian women love applying a lot of makeup. Compliment her whenever she does. They fancy fashion. Therefore, help her stay up to date with the trending fashions.
  • A typical Bulgarian wife loves small gifts and roses. Surprise her with rose flowers and some small gifts. That’s how simple romance is for them. They also love traveling. Take her to places she has never been.
  • Bulgarian women for marriage want a responsible man who can cater to her needs. Don’t be an alcoholic like most Bulgarian men.

In conclusion, Bulgarian mail order brides are the best. They are 100 % committed to making their husbands happy. Bulgarian women for marriage don’t disappoint in love and marriage. She will defend you for good for the worse. They are beautiful with awesome personalities. With the best mail order bride websites, you can get a beautiful Bulgarian woman for marriage. Pretty Bulgarian women are waiting for you Online!