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Slavic women are amazing wives. If you like Slavic appearance and European temper, a Polish girl will match you perfectly well. We asked American men who married girls from Poland. And we found out what they look like and what rules you need to adhere to. So, here are tips for dating a Polish woman.

Polish women dating. Why are they so awesome?

These women are cheerful, temperamental, and caring wives. To date a girl from Poland, you need to understand that her mentality can be very different from yours. To invite her on a date, you have to make her sure you are worth it first. Because they usually choose their boyfriends and husbands with care.

If you need Polish women dating, you have to be prepared for her spontaneity. Now you are at home together. And you are going to spend the weekend watching movies. And in a minute, she is already packing her backpack to go camping. She is easy to climb on everything.

polish girl

She makes acquaintances with ease. She agrees to trips and adventures and solves problems in the family. With such a girl, you don’t need to take care of everything. She will share with you the responsibility for your family!

What do Polish women look like? They like to dress with ease and taste, like all Europeans. They don’t spend too much money on clothes, but they love to take care of themselves. It is unlikely that you will meet a young girl here without hairstyling and manicure. They love to emphasize their natural beauty, which makes them even more attractive.

Pros and cons of dating a Polish girl

Let’s try to highlight the main characteristics. Each of them is an individual and cannot correspond to our characteristics, but you will know some of this in it. Let’s start with the pros:

  • These women are a magical mix of European culture and Slavic blood. Dating Polish ladies will bring a sense of true beauty into your life. They have a unique charm and use it to the fullest.
  • They are great wives. It will be easy for you to communicate with them; they are very caring and understanding. Dating a Polish girl is fantastic.
  • They are beautiful mothers. These women know how to raise children naturally. She will give them only the best knowledge and teach them the right position in life.
  • They are always alert and active. If you do not like to linger, like to travel a lot, play sports and other activities, you will have fun with this woman. She will always figure out what to do on Friday night.
  • And what do polish women look like? Of course, they are incredibly beautiful… Dating in Poland can make you crazy because these women look like supermodels.
polish bride

Now let’s look at the cons of these girls. We did not find any significant flaws in the character traits of Polish women, so if you ever notice this, let us know. And now we want to highlight such characteristics:

They are not typical representatives of Slavic girls and need complete independence. It is entirely reasonable, but if you want to be the only head of the family, take a look at Russian brides.

If you want to lead a calm lifestyle and raise children in a quiet village, a Polish woman will not suit you either. They are constantly looking for adventure. And even if you build a golden house for her, she will not be there for a long time.

6 tips to impress a Polish girl on a first date?

To please her, you do not need to come up with original dates and build a tricky plan. She will be delighted with both horseback riding and the usual picnic in the park. It will be easy and comfortable for you to communicate with her, so relax and everything will go the way it should be.

Make your date active

How to impress a polish woman? If you want to stand out, come up with a fascinating date. Even horseback riding will be enough to impress her. Remember that she likes to spend time actively, but you should ask in advance if she wants to go camping or skating. Any activities that require physical training should be agreed in advance.

Meet her as a tourist

If she comes to you from Poland to another country, you do not need to think about what kind of date she will like. Your trump card – your partner will turn it into her journey. Show her the city. You can spend all day visiting the most beautiful, cozy, and exciting places. Do not waste your time in movie theaters and navigate locations quickly to see as much as possible. You can relax in the lovely coffee shop.

Do not rush things

They know they are worth but have modern views on relationships. To move from dating Polish women to something more, consider cultural characteristics. If she likes you and you’ve been waiting for this meeting for a long time, she may allow you one kiss. Do not rush things. They are also brave girls, so if she seems to be too slow, she will take the initiative in her own hands.

Respect her as an individual

Show her as much respect and interest as possible. These proud girls love when you listen to them with attention and interest in their lives. Not just talk about yourself. It applies to both your first date and your life together. Indifference to your Polish wife can result in a divorce or a big scandal.

polish beauty

Speak a lot but easy

Speak on interesting topics and do not reduce everything to marriage. Do not do an interview for her, even if you really want to know all the details of her life. Make your date relaxed and fun. You should also ask her more about her interests and outlook on life.

Ask her more

This tip may not fully help you. You both understand that you have cultural differences and you will have to learn a lot. Ask her about her culture, what she likes or dislikes, and even more. You can also immediately tell about your preferences and views.


As you can see, Polish women are cheerful and easy-going. They light everything around and go through life with a smile on their faces. She will surely be able to make you and your children happy. Hurry up and start your search now!

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