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Kiss Russian Beauty Site Overview

First Impression

From the very first glance at the homepage of Kiss Russian Beauty, you can understand that there are many beautiful singles who you can know here. The first thing you see on this site is a big number of female photos. And they all are beautiful! It gives you an idea of what you can get here. The site has a nice design, and it is easy to understand where to click to reach the desired result. Kiss Russian Beauty offers you a short questionnaire right when you come to the site. It is about a romantic relationship.



The most pleasant thing about registration on Kiss Russian Beauty is that it’s free, you don’t have to pay anything to create your profile. Also, it happens quite fast, so in a couple of minutes, you will already be able to chat with Slavic brides. Before starting to sign in, you have to pass a small welcome questionnaire. It has only a few questions like: ‘Are you okay with a woman making the first move?’ After you have done that, there is some info you must share about yourself:

  • your gender
  • name
  • birthdate
  • nationality
  • email address and password.

Then your personal page is ready. You are welcome to make it more bright, interesting and memorable to raise your chances on a happy match.

Mobile Application

Unlike other top dating sites, Kiss Russian Beauty doesn’t have a mobile app. However, it is not a problem at all. You can use the site’s functions, and they will still be very comfortable. The site is accessible from any device, so there is no trouble with talking to Russian mail-order brides via the website. You can always send them messages and use other means of communication. It will be equally convenient to do from a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.


The search mechanism works well on Kiss Russian Beauty. You can easily find the woman that you dream about. As there is a focus on Slavic women only, it is the site for those who adore Russian feminine beauty. However, there are a lot of extra filters that you can use to make the search more narrow and precise. for example, you can select mail-order brides by:

  • age
  • country/region
  • interests
  • habits
  • job
  • children
  • marital status
  • education
  • zodiac sign.

There are many categories that allow picking exactly the woman you want. Besides, sometimes it is good to consider some other options and simply scroll the list of female profiles. You do that too on Kiss Russian Beauty.


Communication Services

Kiss Russian Beauty was created for the people from different parts of the world to communicate and establish romantic relationships. It is possible with the services this site provides. Although these functions are not unique or special, they still work well and lead to effective results. Many couples have been brought together by communication on Kiss Russian Beauty. So, you can use live chats and mailing on this site to talk to your Russian mail-order bride. You can also watch the videos women upload online. Video calls are available too so you can talk with a lady in real-life time.

The Possibilities of the Paid Membership

Buying a paid membership on Kiss Russian Beauty is a reasonable step. This membership gives you access to all of the necessary communication services. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to chat with the ladies or even get to know them. Paid membership is also beneficial as all of the top dating sites provide you the necessary level of protection against scam, so your personal data will stay safe and won’t be delivered to the third parties.



Kiss Russian Beauty functions on the credit system, which means that you buy credits in packs and then spend them on the services that you’d like to use. It is comfortable and saves you a lot of money. As the prices on Kiss Russian Beauty are not too high, the site is beneficial to its users and accessible to many men who are searching for their Russian love. Here is the actual list of the prices:

  • 3 Credits $21.00
  • 8 Credits $52.00
  • 16 Credits $96.00
  • 32 Credits $179.00
  • 60 Credits $299.00
  • 100 Credits $399.00

Customer support

The customer support of the site works daily round the clock to provide the customers’ safety and comfort. If you face any problems while using the site or develop any questions regarding the usage, you can ask them all to the site’s team with the button ‘Contact us’. The response will be sent to you as fast as possible. In fact, for Kiss Russian Beauty it doesn’t take much time to fix the problems and usually, they send the replies in minutes.


Pros and Cons

  • more than 20 000 female profiles
  • active ladies online
  • effective communication services
  • average pricing
  • Slavic women only
  • no mobile app


The Final Verdict

Kiss Russian Beauty can be considered a top Russian mail-order bride dating site. It functions well and provides high-quality services. The level of safety on the site is good, so your personal data won’t suffer. The number of Russian singles online is quite big, so you have very high chances to meet the love of your life. If you are dreaming to marry a woman from Russia or Ukraine, it is very possible to find the perfect woman here. The matchmaking algorithm works perfectly, and the search filters help to make your search fast and effective. Register on Kiss Russian Beauty for free and look for your mail-order bride!


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